Buying Guide

We are here to help you with your Electric Bike purchase.  Feel free to call us from 8am to 9pm Monday - Saturday.  Email us any time - we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Some things to consider when buying an Electric Bike:

1. How are you planning to use your bike?  There are different designs for different uses.  

2. What is the terrain?  Do you need fat tires for better balance and comfort on bumpy ground or narrower and larger diameter for speed and efficiency on paved roads. Do you need suspension systems for mountain rides? There are also Battery Placement and Motor Placement differences that can affect performance on different terrain.

3. How much weight will be on the bike including you and any cargo? EBikes can carry up to 500 pounds - depending on model

4. How far do you want to ride? Our bikes will go between 25 miles and 50 miles per charge depending on bike model. Each charge costs about $.17.

5. What kind of Warranties are available? All of the bikes in our store carry at least a 1 year Tire to Tire Full Warranty.  American Made Prodecotech bikes come with a Full 2 Year Tire to Tire Warranty. If they do not offer at least a 1 Year Full Warranty - I would NOT buy that bike.

6. We recommend U.S.A. based manufacturers to ensure easy access to parts and repairs when needed.  They are also easier to contact.

7. If you are buying from overseas, time differences and language differences can cause communication difficulties and very long wait times for parts and bikes to arrive. Often they only answer the phone on their local business time.

8.  Consider how many charges your battery has in its life as this is one of the most expensive parts on your bike.

9. How will you pay for your new Electric Bike?  We accept all major Credit Cards, Lay-Away with LayBuy and CREDIT AVAILABLE on our Checkout Page.